The Fanfiction of

Annie Wright


Most of the stories here are either M/S UST or MSR (with a few exceptions!) All are rated between PG and R (for language).


My Mother's Words: Set during "Arcadia" and "The UnNatural", Scully does some thinking about the events of the not-so-recent past.


She's More Fun When She's Drugged: The Gunmen have quite a bit of explaining to do. Post "Three of a Kind".


Mulder At The Bat: The rest of Scully's birthday present. A post "The UnNatural" fic.


It Was the Rock Tumbler, Wasn't It?: Mulder and Scully are called to investigate a shopping mall Santa. A holiday comedy.


Things Left Unsaid: When Mulder and Scully are forced to return to Quantico, secrets are revealed. How will they handle it?


Spontaneity: A hot July day, some good music, and a fountain; or how Mulder and Scully spent their Fourth of July.


Real Men Don't Need Directions: short humorous vignette.


Comfort Food: Who says chocolate chip cookies are bad for you?


Bugged: Scully exacts her revenge on Mulder for ditching her. Post "War of the Coprophages" fic.


I Blame Dick Clark: What happens after the kiss? Post "Millennium" fic.


Veritas: Mulder spends Christmas with the Scully clan. A holiday romance. 


Truths Revealed: Scully is sick of the lies. Can Mulder make it up to her?